Love Bag is a PINKO icon.
But a bag is also a container at its essence. Meta Love Bags expand the usage of this kind of accessory bringing it into the digital world.
So the content opens to a “metaphysical” dimension. Different objects and shapes repeat and distribute, recreating the iconic shape of Love Bag, metaphorically held together and contained by the two love birds.
The elements derive from pop culture, even though it’s a transgressive choice of pop icons putting the overacting spirit of PINKO inside the design.



Buying Meta Love Bags gives you access to several privileges online and offline:

VIC access to PINKO community

Exclusive VIC access (Very Important Customer) to the new PINKO Community, that will be launched in 2023;

PINKO community co-creation

All Meta Love Bag owners can participate through gated polls sessions, to the co-design of PINKO Community prizes and rewards;

Early access to future NFTs drops

Early Access for all the Meta Love Bags owners to the next PINKO NFT collection releases;

Special offers

Exclusive access to private sales and special offers;

Exclusive events

Exclusive Access to Special VIC Events;

10% discount

10% discount, valid for 12 months after the purchase.


This is our roadmap so far, but it’s just the beginning: we want to build our project together with our community, so if you have more ideas we’ll listen to you!

June 2022, Collection Unveiling @Viva Tecnology 2022 - Paris

During the Viva Technology 2022, We unveiled the first 3 NFTs of the collection: PINKO moves officially its first steps into the metaverse!

from 7 to 20 November 2022, PINKO Meta Love Bags Collection first drop

Milan and New York boutiques are hosting the Meta Love Bags collection release events.

2023, Community

The purchase of NFT PINKO will allow PINKO customers to enter a dedicated community, through which you can access exclusive experiences / events, organized by PINKO.

2023, Capsule and exclusive experience

  • PINKO Capsule Collection accessible only through the NFTs
  • Exclusive online and offline events for the Community
  • Private sales to the NFTs first collection owners(the OGs)

2023, PINKO Metaverse

The NFT will give you access to the PINKO metaverse experience, an exclusive virtual world. You will be able to customize your avatar, and make them wear your NFTs, enjoying multiplayer experiences with other members of the community.


How can I purchase PINKO’S NFTs?

What are the requirements to buy a PINKO Meta Love Bags NFT?

How Many PINKO Meta Love Bags are available to purchase?

Is this first drop the only chance to get a PINKO Meta Love Bag or participate in the Pinko Metaverse?

How do I view my Meta Love Bag?

What do you get with a PINKO Meta Love Bag?

Where will secondary sales be for PINKO Meta Love Bags Collection?

Is this mint the only chance to get a PINKO Meta Bag or participate in the PINKO Metaverse?

Is there a PINKO discord?

How about a PINKO twitter?

I got a question that is not answered here!

We got you — send us an email at metaverse@pinko.com